Meet the Team

 Founder & President
Hey, I'm Jayanth. I am the founder and president of Initia. I enjoy running, and playing tennis. I am interested in business and finance and am excited to lead many other aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in the coming years with Initia.

Jayanth ​Annabhimoju

Lone Star High School 
 [email protected]
 Founder & Vice President
Hey, I'm Adway. I am the vice president of Initia.​ I'm a science enthusiast involved in leading young minds towards a greater cause. I enjoy playing the viola and playing chess with my friends.

Adway Kulkarni

Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science
[email protected]
Hey, I’m Sahad. I am one of the Founders of Initia. I love to practice Taekwondo and play Ice hockey and chess. I am passionate about the medical field and love science.

Sahad ​Valiani

Uplift North Hills Preparatory
 ​[email protected]